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 Material to be cut

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Width Street:

Thickness. of material:

Length of cut:

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Material: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium

Do you lap your flanges when changing or replacing broken blades:


Size of the blade used:

Thickness of the blade (cutting kerfs or cutting edge), tolerance, & ID:

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Hub less:

Hub blade:

Exposure of the blade:

Resin, Nickel, Metal bonded (sintered), Brazed.

Grit size (Mesh):

Micron ranch:

Speed of cut( if available): In feed rate          Cross Feed rate (through fed rate)          Feed out rate

How often do you dress blades?

What coolants do you use and Type? :

After cutting, do you grind cutting surface of the material?

What is your chipping requirement on edges of the material?

How many blades do you use for this material a day___a month_____ a year___

How many cuts (length) do you make with one blade?

How much do you pay for this blade?

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