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Diamonds Oriented in Matrix

Every Diamond in a SMART CUT product works like a small horse. Unlike many other bond designs, the SMART CUT begins to work from the first cut, and remains to work at the same level of consistent performance until you take your last cut. This unique open bond design insures you get the maximum usage of diamond and bond every time you use a SMART CUT product.

Diamonds working with you For you

SMART CUT open bond design is designed to keep diamonds working at their maximum potential. SMART CUT diamond bond undergoes regular renewal, making sure all diamonds are constantly under maximum exposure to materials being worked on.

What is the difference between a conventional diamond blade, and a diamond blade with SMART CUT technology?

 Advanced Coolant System

Precision Diamond lapidary blades manufactured utilizing SMART CUT technology, are built with a special open bond design that promotes a better coolant system. Air and water flows freely through the diamond bond, providing extra coolant, greater conductor of heat and thus increased product longevity. Instead of heat generated in a few places, it is evenly distributed and hence minimized.

 Easy to Use

We made a science out of making your work easier. Your will find precision diamond lapidary blades with SMART CUT technology are easier to use than most conventional blades. Thousands of sharp and high quality diamond particles metallurgically bonded to alloy steel allow SMART CUT diamond lapidary blades to complete a job by applying little or no pressure. Freeing the user from constantly having to dress and renew the diamond layer. SMART CUT technology makes any sophisticated job a simple one.

 When you do your best, SMART CUT diamond lapidary blades will do the rest

You donít have to see it to appreciate it, but its nice to know that its there. When you see the SMART CUT symbol on a product, you know there is more to the product than it looks. Because what you donít see is what makes all the difference. Whatever your goal requires you will find an advanced, high quality, and cost effective SMART CUT solution, specially designed for your needs. Every time you take a cut, you will see just how much work was put into each blade. You must see it to believe it!

Just how superior is a SMART CUT product? Thatís for you to decide. Because you canít really see the difference or get a sense of it from words. You must feel it, and you will from the first time you pick up a SMART CUT diamond lapidary blade to the time you first use it, and all the way to the blades life.


It's time you expect MORE from your tools.


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