HYBRID BOND  Precision Diamond Slicing Blades - SMART CUT technology

Guaranteed Savings up to 350% per cut. 1 blade lasts more than 4 to 6 conventional  blades put together. Thinner blades allow less loss of material.  Other Diamond Blades >>>

           Precision Diamond Blade HYBRID Bond 

SMART CUT series precision hybrid diamond slicing blades are the highest overall performance blades available today. Manufactured utilizing SMART CUT technology, these blades will give you a smooth finish you need in a resin bond and long life you expect from a metal bond. SMART CUT series precision diamond blades will give you consistent results you can count on everyday.

+ Glass                            + Composites
+ Quartz                          + Metals
+ Advanced Ceramics     + Ferrites
+ Sapphire        +
and many other materials

Saws Used On:     All popular
+ Surface Grinders
+ Cutting Saws
+ Abrasive cut-off saws
+ CNC machines
  + other equipment


+ Chip Free Cutting

+ Cuts Faster

+ Save Material

+ Consistent Performance

+ Lasts Longer

+ More Precision

+ Minimal Dressing

+ More Universal

+ More Aggressive

+ Smoother Finish

+ Heat Resistant

+ Easier to Use

+ NO OIL (water cooled)


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Works like a resin bond, lasts like a metal bond

Item #               Diameter           Rim Width           Rim Depth           

23-4670W            4" (101.6mm)     .014" (0.35mm)       .20" (5mm)             

23-4670W1          4" (101.6mm)     .014" (0.35mm)       .20" (5mm)             

23-4671W            4" (101.6mm)     .020" (0.5mm)         .20" (5mm)           

23-4673W            6" (152.4mm)     .014" (0.35mm)       .20" (5mm)             

23-4673W1          6" (152.4mm)     .014" (0.35mm)       .20" (5mm)             

23-4674W            6" (152.4mm)     .020" (0.5mm)         .276" (7mm)         

23-4675W            6" (152.4mm)     .032" (0. 8mm)        .276" (7mm)         

23-4678W            8" (203.2mm)     .025" (0. 6mm)        .276" (7mm)         

23-4679W            8" (203.2mm)     .032" (0. 8mm)        .276" (7mm)         

23-4711W            10" (254mm)      .032" (0. 8mm)        .276" (7mm)         

23-4712W            10" (254mm)      .040" (1.0mm)         .276" (7mm)         

23-4716W            12" (300mm)      .0512" (1.3mm)       .276" (7mm)                 

23-4717W            14" (350mm)      .0512" (1.3mm)       .276" (7mm)         

23-4718W            16" (400mm)      .0512" (1.0mm)       .276" (7mm)         

All sizes are in stock and ready for same day delivery.

Standard Arbor Size: 5/8", 1/2", 1", 1-1/4", 2.75". Others are available upon request.

Other sizes are available upon request. Please check for availability.

References and letters of recommendation are available upon request.

Guarantee: 100% Quality and Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

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SMART CUT Difference


UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools,  Division of LEL Diamond Tools International, Inc.  has  recently  introduced  a  new  breakthrough: SMART CUT  technology  in  manufacturing  precision diamond slicing blades. This  technology  allows  us  to  properly  position  and  orient  the  diamond  inside  the  metal  matrix. Making  sure  every  diamond  is  in  the  right  place  and  at  the  right  time,  working  where  you  need  it  most. (Please,  see  diagram .)


This technology has also allowed us to develop a  NEW GENERATION HYBRID diamond bond matrix. In this bond  you  will  find all  the advantages of cutting speed  and  smoothness  that  you  have  come  to  expect  in  a  resin  bond,  and  unique  characteristics of a metal bond in terms of life, aggressiveness,  durability,  and  excellent  performance  on  you  look  for  in  a  metal  bond.


maximum cutting performance each  diamond  works  like  a  small  work  horse. Diamonds  come  in  contact  with  the  material  in  the  right  place  and  at  the  right  time,  working  where  you  need  them  most. You  get  the  maximum  use  out  of  diamond  and  bond. Some unique benefits & advantages of SMART CUT technology:


no glazing requires minimal dressing, the bond renews itself


faster cutting action - Diamond slicing blades manufactured utilizing this technology are much more aggressive than your conventional blades. They cut faster, still leaving behind a smooth finish.


more universal & longer lasting - These diamond blades are designed to work on virtually any material you can find. You can cut very hard materials, than switch to cutting very soft materials and the blade will maintain the same consistent performance. It is very hard to ruin this blade.


There are other advantages of utilizing precision diamond slicing blades manufactured with the SMART CUT technology. The company  feels,  you will find it a significant breakthrough in the cutting field.


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