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 Diamond Lapping Equipment  

Table Top Machine

Table Top Model

Available with variable speed. Unit shown above comes with removable steel guard in place around the brush guard. Variable speed option is available from 0 to 950 RPM

  • 12" Diameter Steel Plate

  • No Center Post

  • Coolant Through Center Spindle

  • Heavy Welded Steel Chassis

  • Beige Hammertone Powder Baked Paint Finish

  • Heavy Duty Bearings Relube

  • 115 Volt or 220 Volt

  • 1/2 HP Dayton Motor

  • Brush Guard

  • Removable Steel Guard

  • One Year Warranty on Motor and Bearings

  • Variable Speed Option Available 0 to 950 RPM


Click on the pictures below to download a short movie clip in Windows Media Player format. This demonstration is divided into 5 different parts (each movie clip is about 1 minute long). Each movie clip explains the advantage of this lapping machines, and how they are used. Download time is approximately 50 seconds for 56k modems (5 seconds or faster for ISDN / DSL connections).

Part I (1.16 MB)

Part II (1.22 MB)

Part II (822 kb)

Part IV (1.03 MB)

Part V (1.06 MB)

More detailed demonstration and explanation movie (about 11 minutes long) is available on CD. Contact our Sales Department for your Free copy. 

Diamond Laps radically reduce the time required for material lapping process and will save you aggravation of cleaning up all the used grit around your wheel


  • Reticulating Coolant System

  • Brush Guard

  • Variable Speed Controller

Submersible Pump


Oil filled, for use with oil or water soluble coolants. Allows coolant to recalculate. Pump is easily lifted out for cleaning.

Pressure Head - Applies controlled pressure to material

polishing head to apply controlled pressure to sample / material (samples / material is placed into rings provided). Pressure is controllable, with digital read out. Polishing head spins forward and reverse. variable speed

Other Lapping & Polishing Products:  

Diamond Laps  -  Pre-Polishing Discs  -  Pre-Polishing Strips  -  Polishing Discs  -  Lapping Equipment

  FREE Advice / Consultation >>>
  • Fast Material Removal

  • Minimum heat generation

  • Clean & Inexpensive process

  • Very thin material can be processed to precision tolerance.

  • Automotive / Diesel

  • Aerospace

  • Compressor & Valve

  • Pumps

  • Tool & Die

  • Bearings

  • Precision Optics

  • Precious & Semi Precious Stone

  • Technical Ceramics

  • Data Storage

  • Semiconductor

  • Medical Devices

  • Specially Materials / Products

  • Mechanical Seals

  • Composites

  • Glass

  • Stone

  • Metallography

Made in U.S.A.

As a essential part of finishing process, SMART CUT™ Lapping, Grinding, & Polishing machines / equipment play a major role in establishing the final dimensional and surface characteristics for many industrial parts. Lapping operation is used for many work materials including glass, ceramic, plastic, metals and their alloys, sintered materials, stellite, ferrite, copper, cast iron, steel etc.

Lapping is primarily considered to be a three-body abrasive mechanism due to the fact that it uses free abrasive grains that can roll or slide between the work piece surface and the lapping plate, although some grains become embedded in the lap leading to two-body abrasion. Lapping is a loose abrasive machining process that combines abrasive particles within an oil or aqueous medium depending on the material being finished. Fine abrasive is applied, continuously or at specific intervals, to a work surface to form an abrasive film between the lapping plate and the parts to be lapped. 

Each abrasive grain used for lapping has sharp irregular shapes and when a relative motion is induced and pressure applied, the sharp edges of the grains are forced into the work piece material. Each loose abrasive particle acts as a microscopic cutting tool that either makes an indentation or causes the material to cut away very small particles. Even though the abrasive grains are irregular in size and shape, they are used in large quantities and thus a cutting action takes place continuously over the entire surface in contact.

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