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Diamond Lapidary Blades (sintered) metal bond

SMART CUT™ technology

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23-4671WSALE    4" (101.6mm)  .020" (0.5mm)   .20" (5mm)    5/8-1/2"    $47.00       $31.30 each    $94.00     BUY ONE NOW
23-4678WSALE    8" (203.2mm)  .025" (0. 6mm)  .276" (7mm)  5/8-1/2"    $65.00       $43.33
each    $130.00   BUY ONE NOW
23-4679WSALE    8" (203.2mm)  .032" (0. 8mm)  .276" (7mm)  5/8-1/2"    $67.00       $44.66
each    $134.00   BUY ONE NOW
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+ Chip Free Cutting  + Cuts Faster   + Lasts Longer   + More Precision   + Minimal Dressing   + More Universal  + More Aggressive  + Smoother Finish  + Straight Cut  + Heat Resistant  + Easier to Use  + Save Material  

We will beat competitors written price quote on Quantity for same quality product. SMART CUT™ Diamond Blades are used by some of the leading Fortune 500 Companies & Sold by Major Lapidary Mail Order Houses.

What you should know before you buy your next blade?




Why waste Valuable Time, Money, & Material? 

Don't struggle with inferior blades -  DEMAND THE BEST !!! 

Used and trusted by thousands of Gemstone Manufacturers, Lapidaries, NASA, and Military worldwide  (NOW AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE !) - THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO BE USING INFERIOR BLADES

In 1998 UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools,  Division of LEL Diamond Tools International, Inc.  introduced  a  new  breakthrough: SMART CUT  technology  in  manufacturing  ULTRA THIN & HIGH PRECISION diamond blades. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY that REDEFINES THE STANDARD IN CUTTING & DRILLING. This  technology  allows  us  to  properly  position  and  orient  the  diamond  inside  the  metal  matrix. Making  sure  every  diamond  is  in  the  right  place  and  at  the  right  time,  working  where  you  need  it  most. (Please,  see  diagram below. Click on diagram for more information)

 maximum cutting performance – each  diamond  works  like  a  small  work  horse. Diamonds  come  in  contact  with  the  material  in  the  right  place  and  at  the  right  time,  working  where  you  need  them  most. You  get  the  maximum  use  out  of  diamond  and  bond. Some unique benefits & advantages of SMART CUT technology:

 no glazing – requires minimal dressing, the bond renews itself

 faster cutting action - Diamond blades manufactured utilizing this technology are much more aggressive than your conventional blades. They cut faster, still leaving behind a smooth finish.

 more universal & longer lasting - These diamond blades are designed to work on virtually any material you can find. You can cut very hard materials, than switch to cutting very soft materials and the blade will maintain the same consistent performance. 7mm diamond depth allows the blade to last 80% to 40% longer on the hardest materials (such as sapphire, ruby, agate, opal, and etc.)

 superior coolant system - these blades are designed to cut with or without oil. We feel it is more preferable to the user to use water as a coolant. Oil does not a proper coolant for this procedure, as most other manufacturers would suggest. Water is a true organic coolant, witch does not leave the material being cut oily or greasy.

REAL TIME & MATERIAL SAVERS - minizes and almost eliminates work required after cutting, such as grinding & polishing. The blade performs several operations, grinding & polishing material as it cuts. SMART CUT Diamond Lapidary Blades are the THINNEST Sintered (metal bond) Diamond Blades commercially available for lapidary (precious & semi precious stone) application today! The Diamond Thickness (TH) specified is actual thickness of diamond section, not core thickness. The time & material you will save is worth the price of these blades alone.

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools proprietary blade chemistry, precision manufacturing methods, modern quality control methods, allow us to control and regulate the dozens of variables that affect blade life, quality of cut, surface finish. Reducing and often eliminating additional steps often required after cutting



Sintered (Metal bonded) diamond blades are "impregnated" with diamonds. Diamonds sintered and multiple (hundreds) layers of diamonds impregnated inside the metal matrix. Electroplated and other types of diamond blades for lapidary application have only one layer of diamond that stays on the surface. Diamonds in a sintered (metal bond) diamond blade are furnaces sintered in a matrix made of iron, cobalt, nickel, bronze, copper, tungsten,  alloys of these powders or other metals in various combinations. The compacted materials are then hot pressed or sintered to full density. Heating rate, applied pressure, sintering temperature and holding time, are all controlled according to the matrix composition. This means that selected diamonds are mixed and sintered with specific metal alloys to achieve the best cutting performance possible on any materials such as sapphire, agate, emerald, ruby, opal, petrified wood, glass, and etc. The metal bond surrounding the diamonds must wear away to continuously keep re-exposing the diamonds for the diamond tool to continue cutting.

Sintered (metal bonded) diamond tools are recommended for cutting hard materials from 45 to 75 on Rockwell Scale (5 to 9.5 on mohs scale of hardness). It is more wear resistant and holds diamond well in place, usually producing the highest yield/cutting & best price per cut ratio. Metal Bond (sintered) diamond blades longer than other diamond bond blades such as electroplated (nickel bond), notched, or colled rolled blades. They wear evenly, and are known for their long life & consistency. Sintered (metal bonded) diamond blades are the latest technology available in Diamond Blades. And represent the BEST VALUE & PERFORMANCE PER CUT.

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools is LEADER in manufacturing ULTRA THIN & HIGH PRECISION sintered (metal bond) diamond blades. Our products are used across the world in wide variety of industries & applications. UKAM Industrial is one of the companies behind the original THIN KERF Sintered (metal bond) diamond blades for lapidary application. Producing blades sold under "private label" for a number of well known equipment manufacturers.


Sintered (Metal Bonded) Blades               vs.    Other Diamond Bond Type Blades (such as electroplated, notched, hot or colled rolled blades)

         - Hundreds layers of diamond                          - Single layer of diamond

        - Stands up well under aggressive conditions    - Cannot be dressed (in most cases)

       - Super smooth finish                           - Least Expensive

       - Longest lasting blade                         - Shortest Blade Life

       - Very Universal                                  - Cannot be used for a number of (ultra hard) materials

(work on ultra hard to soft materials)

       - Most cost effective

Sintered (metal bonded) blades are the best investment you can make!  Although they may cost more than electroplated (nickel bond), hot or colled rolled or some notched lapidary blades, sintered (metal bond) blades will more than pay for themselves in terms of:

Longer Life

Other Bond type blades may cost less, and at first glance may seem like the most cost effective alternative. However, they will cost you more in the long run. Depending on material and application, sintered (metal bonded) blades may last as much as 50 to 100 other diamond lapidary blade types put together. You can't get more life out of any other blade !!!  Instead of constantly putting blades on and off the saw, you will save money by using one blade. This means cost per cut, sintered (metal bond) blades are the best choice.

More Consistent performance

Other Blade Types have only one layer of diamond coated on metal core. Diamonds sit only on the surface. When this diamond portion is peeled off, the blade will slow down, cut on the side (not cut straight) or stop working (cutting) altogether. While other blade types may provide acceptable level of performance softer lapidary materials such as topaz, turquoise, amethyst, and etc. They will immediately burn out on harder materials such as agates, petrified wood, sapphire and etc. Metal bonded blades are sintered and impregnated inside the metal matrix. Multiple (hundreds) layers of diamonds are impregnated inside the metal matrix. Unlike Blade Types, metal bond blades wear evenly, and are known for their consistency. You will get consistent cutting speed, and overall consistent performance from sintered (metal bonded) blades.


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