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ELECTROPLATED  Diamond Core  Drills with SMART CUT™ technology

Manufactured by UKAM Industrial are Multi Layered. They have 3 layers of diamonds, not just 1 layer of diamonds like conventional electroplated drills. This provides longer drilling life, faster and freer  drilling action, & more consistent performance. Unlike cheap imitations, diamond will not peel or pull out

  • High Diamond Concentration

  • Smooth Surface Finish Quality

  • Fast Drilling & Consistent Performance

  • Superior Quality & Consistency

  • Maximum Diamond Particle (Grit) Exposure

  • Preserves True Material Micro Structure

  • Long Life when used correctly

  • Superior Design that is Easier to Use (Easier Core Removal)

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Glass / Quartz Stone
Optics Marble / Granite
Lapidary Tile / Porcelain
Advanced Ceramics Composites

& Many other Materials


Drill Press Hand Held Drills
Cordless Drills Other Equipment



(L) - Drill Length:


(I) - Shank Length:


(S) - Rim Depth:


Drilling Depth


we are happy to accept:

1.) others sizes & specifications are available upon request.

2.) All prices are in USD (United States Dollars)

3.) Quantity Discounts are available. Please, contact our sales representative.

Guarantee: 100% Quality is guaranteed.

APPROXIMATE DIAMOND DRILL LIFE: up to 350+ holes on many materials. Diamond Drill Life will vary with Material Hardness, Drilling Depth, Coolant Used & Operator Experience.  

* Electroplated diamond drills are not recommended for drilling ultra hard materials. Use Sintered (metal bond) diamond drills for this application.                                 

SMART CUT™ technology


Electroplated  Diamond Core  Drills & Electroplated Thin Wall Diamond Core Drills produced by UKAM Industrial are MULTI-LAYERED they have several layers of diamonds, held by a tough durable nickel alloy. Providing high  diamond  concentration and maximum diamond particle (grit) exposure/protrusion ratio. This provides freer,  faster drilling  action  with  minimum heat generation. Electroplated Diamond Drills provide 

excellent performance on softer materials ranging from 6 to 1 on mohs scale of hardness. While electroplated diamond drills, specifically manufactured by UKAM Industrial, will still work on  harder materials (up to 9 on mohs scale). Diamond drill life will be (very short) significantly reduced. Diamonds stay on the surface of the drill allowing for fast material removal. Perfect for softer, more ductile, and gummable materials.  Not recommended for drilling very abrasive materials such as sandstone and concrete (they will wear out on these materials almost immediately). Electroplated Diamond Drills last less than metal bond, and are least expensive diamond drills available. They provide very smooth surface finish quality & less thermal damage to the part being drilled

Most Electroplated diamond drills/bits have only one (single) layer of diamond coated on a steel body. Diamonds stay only on the surface. When this diamond portion is worn out or peeled off, the diamond drill will slow down, drill on the side (not drill straight) or stop working (drilling) altogether. Not all electroplated diamond drills are created equal. Contrary to popular belief, diamond drills are not a commodity. Large differences in drill life and overall performance exist from manufacturer to manufacturer.   

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing a large variety diamond drills for Industry, Research & Development, as well as hobby. 


(Single diamond layer)


Only the highest quality synthetic or natural diamonds and raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. The highest quality standards and product consistency is maintained, using sophisticated inspection and measurement equipment.  Our experience, precision manufacturing, modern quality control methods, allow us to control and regulate dozens of variables that affect diamond drill life, quality of cut, surface finish. For Best Results: Diamond drills must be used with a continuous flow of water. Drilling should be carried out in a water bath. Use submerged-pressure sensitive feed.       


Item No. Outside Diameter Shank Diameter Recommended RPM Suggested Retail Internet Price Add to Basket Purchase
3EDCD1800 1/8" (.125") 1/4" 2,500 $35.00 $22.99 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD3160 3/16" (.187") 1/4" 2,500 $35.00 $23.99 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1400 1/4" (.250") 1/4" 2,000 $35.00 $24.99 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD5160 5/16" (.312") 1/4" 1,500 $35.00 $26.71 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD3800 3/8" (.375") 1/4" 1,250 $37.00 $28.59 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD7160 7/16" (.437") 1/4" 1,000 $41.00 $29.89 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1200 1/2" (.50") 1/4" 950 $42.00 $33.09 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD9160 9/16" (.562") 5/16" 900 $44.00 $34.91 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD5800 5/8" (.625") 5/16" 875 $46.00 $36.47 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD2300 2/3" (.667") 5/16" 850 $48.00 $39.86 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD3400 3/4" (.750") 5/16" 825 $54.00 $42.63 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1316 13/16" (.812") 3/8" 800 $56.00 $45.37 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD7800 7/8" (.875") 3/8" 775 $58.00 $46.32 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1516 15/16" (.937") 3/8" 750 $60.00 $48.66 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1000 1.0" 3/8" 725 $62.00 $50.64 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1180 1-1/8" (1.125") 3/8" 675 $65.00 $52.97 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1140 1-1/4" (1.25") 3/8" 650 $69.00 $54.31 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1380 1-3/8" (1.37") 3/8" 600 $80.00 $65.37 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1120 1-1/2" (1.50") 3/8" 550 $88.00 $71.52 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1580 1-5/8" (1.625") 3/8" 535 $98.72 $74.31 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD1340 1-3/4" (1.75") 3/8" 525 $102.00 $76.94 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD2000 2.00" 3/8" 500 $115.00 $82.35 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD2140 2-1/4" (2.25") 3/8" 475 $127.00 $89.71 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD2120 2-1/2" (2.50") 3/8" 450 $139.00 $97.86 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD2580 2-5/8" (2.625") 3/8" 425 $145.00 $106.30 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD3000 3.00" 3/8" 400 $169.00 $121.98 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW
3EDCD4000 4.00" 3/8" 350 $198.00 $140.31 Add to Basket BUY ONE NOW

Buy the Diamond Drills you need in Sets/Bundles & Save Big

Multi-Layered Electroplated Diamond Drill - Kit # 1

Includes: Ό”, ½”, Ύ”, 1”, 2” 


 5 Drills  =  SPECIAL BUNDLE PRICE: $189.72

Add to Basket         -         BUY ONE NOW

Multi-Layered Electroplated Diamond Drill - Kit # 2

Includes: Ό”, 3/8”,  ½”, 5/8”,  Ύ”, 1”, 2”, 2-1/2"   SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $530.00

 8 Drills  =  SPECIAL BUNDLE PRICE: $298.72

Add to Basket         -         BUY ONE NOW

Multi-Layered  Electroplated Diamond Drill - Kit # 3

Includes: 1/8”, Ό”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, Ύ”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/4”, 3”


12 Drills  =  SPECIAL BUNDLE PRICE: $479.32

Add to Basket         -         BUY ONE NOW

Occasionally when purchasing a bundle, one or few sizes may be momentarily out of stock. If that is the case you will be contacted by one of our representatives. In this case you will be given an opportunity substitute the Diamond Drills diameter out of stock for equal or greater value or wait until we manufacture a new batch. Quantity Discounts are Available. Please contact sales Representative for Quote.

For Best Results: Diamond drills must be used with a continuous flow of water. Drilling should be carried out in a coolant bath. Use submerged-pressure sensitive feed. For more information on how to properly use Electroplated (nickel bond) diamond core drills, see: Diamond Drills Usage Suggestions & Recommendations. 


Electroplated diamond drills are frequently used in glass and composite industries (as well as some photonics / optics) applications. Electroplated Diamond Drills are designed for small & occasional use.  They are widely used by beginning diamond drill users (novices) in numerous hobby/craft applications. As well as home owners and contractors requiring to drill a few holes when installing tile, marble, shower doors, glass mirrors, and etc. (not recommended for professional or serious industrial use). 

They are also usually more forgiving to operator/user drilling mistakes than most other types of diamond drills/bits. Electroplated core drills are just about the only type of diamond drill that may be used dry (without coolant) in a few applications if needed. Best performance and results will be achieved when drilling less than 1/4" (6.35") into material. Performance/Life in many harder materials (granite as an example) will decline when drilling thicker materials.

For More Information & Recommendations on Selecting the Right Diamond Drill for your Application >>>

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