What you should know before you buy your next dicing blade?

If you are like most companies, you come across dozens of materials every day. Would it be nice to have one dicing blade that does an excellent job on most of these materials? Now you can. SAVE UP TO 650%. Find out more...

SMART CUT series Metal Bond Diamond Dicing Blades are the first universal dicing blades you can find on the market. Designed for maximum cutting performance, in dicing materials with various degrees of hardness. You will see excellent RESULTS on the majority of materials.

Materials and applications SMART CUT series Metal Bond Diamond Dicing Blades can substitute:

Materials Use On:

Alsmag Alumina Alumina soft unfired B4C(Boron carbide) Barium Tltinante, Bismouth Telluride BK-7(Glass) Blsmuth Telluride Boron Nitride - hard Boron Nitride-soft
Cadmium Telluride Carbide Ferrite  Flasde FR4 and Resin G-10 Gallium Arsenide Gallium Phosphide Garnet Germanium
GGG Glass & Quartz Glass Passivated Silicon Green Ceramic Kovar LiTaO3 & LiNbo Lithium Niobate Nitride Passivated Silicon Passive Silicon Pyrex
PZT Ruby Sapphire Silicon Silicon on Sapphire Tic Titanlum and many other materials


CBGAs                          Ultrasound Sensors            Magnetic Heads for Disks
Hybrid Substrates           Multi-Layer Capacitors        PBGAs
Ceramic Packages         Micro-positioners                PCBs
Integrated Circuits          Tape Heads for VTRs          Saw Devices and Ink Jet Print Heads

When dicing the same material

 When you specialize in working with the same material every day, we recommend  you use dicing blades custom engineered for your application. To have a dicing blade engineered to your application, click on custom diamond dicing blade.

SMART CUT™ - is an advanced technology that redefines the standard in cutting and drilling. Diamonds are oriented inside the meta matrix, so that every diamond is better able to participate in cutting actions. Find out more...

HYBRID BOND™ Diamond Dicing Blades

Between METAL BOND and RESIN BOND. Designed to replace the conventional resin 

bond dicing blades. You will find all the advantages of cutting speed and fine finish that you have 

come to expect in a resin bond, and long life, consistency, aggressiveness, durability, and excellent

 performance on you look for in a metal bond.

When to use the HYBRID BOND?

On finish critical applications, that require a minimum amount of chipping. Applications include:


Less Chipping
Additional Universality in Application
Greater Consistency in Performance
2 blades in 1 - will work in most resin bond and metal bond applications

more information about the HYBRID BOND

find out more about HYBRID BOND Dicing Blades

When using Abrasive, Carbide, and Other blade types

Diamond is an excellent alternative to abrasive, carbide, and vitrified bond blades.

Advantages over other blades:

Many users have found that  ONE  diamond dicing blade can last up to 100 abrasive or carbide blades put together. Is a Diamond Dicing Blade the right tool for your application? To find out, give our Engineering Department a call at Phone: (661) 257-2288.

When dicing Metals, Alloys, or materials with high metallic content

Historically conventional Metal Bonded Diamond Dicing Blades had problems in dicing materials with a high metallic content, such as copper lead frames. Most conventional diamond dicing blades cause excessive smearing, hence damaging the material being diced. 

Dicing materials with a high metallic content is often also a strain on dicing machine and operator time. It could take hours dicing materials such as titanium and tungsten carbide with a conventional dicing blade. Most companies use abrasive dicing blades for this application.

Diamond Dicing Blades with SMART CUT technology are among the first dicing blades that actually do a good job on metals, not just ceramics. 

For more information, see:

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