Diamond Tool Repair Service

Don't throw these Used, Old, Broken, Damaged, or Defective Diamond Tools. Most Damaged diamond products/tools may still be effectively used to finish your job. Why invest more money into a NEW diamond product, when it can end up broken like the old one. Save yourself Money & Time by letting UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools fix them for you. Regardless of the original manufacturer, we can:

  • Repair and Recondition
  • Retip diamond section
  • Regrind 
  • Re-true
  • Relap to tolerance
  • Flatten
  • Strip and Recoat with new diamonds

Examples of Diamond Tools Successfully Repaired: 

  • Diamond Blades from 0.5" to 72" Diameter
  • Diamond Drills from 2mm to 48" Diameter
  • Dicing Blades from 0.5" to 5" OD
  • Diamond Grinding Wheels from 2" to 15"
  • Generator Rings
  • Diamond Laps
  • Many other Diamond Products


Made in U.S.A.


"Whatever your goal or objective, We can help you get there faster."


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