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Diamond Blades for Lapidary Industry / Precious - Semi Precious Stones


Why waste Valuable Time, Money, & Material? 

Don't struggle with inferior blades -  DEMAND THE BEST !!! 

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools is a Leading Manufacturer and Authority on PRECISION & ULTRA THIN SINTERED (METAL BOND)) Diamond Blades 0.5" to 72" in Outside Diameter, starting from  .001" Thick. For just about any type of lapidary, precious, and semi-precious stones. Our products are used for Industry, Professional Hobby, and Other applications. You can count on us to improve you cutting operation to its ultimate efficiency. 

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THIN KERF Diamond Lapidary Blades - SMART CUT™ series 

Diamond Lapidary Blades. Sintered (Metal Bonded) 226kb 

4" to 16" Diameter

SMART CUT™ series sintered (metal bond) diamond lapidary blades are the highest performance & longest lasing blades available today. Available from 6" to 16" diameter & thickness starting from .032" to .051"Diamond Depth/height: 7mm to 10mm. Blades have 40% to 100% more life than conventional metal bond (sintered) lapidary blades.Diamond Depth/height: 7mm to 10mm. Blades have 40% to 100% more life than conventional metal bond (sintered) lapidary blades.    more >>>

THIN KERF Slabing Lapidary Blades

Slabbing Blades Sintered (Meal Bonded) (715kb)

18" to 48" Diameter

Application: Available from 18" to 72" Outside Diameter and Thickness from .094" to .394" . Used for slabbing large pieces of ultra hard to soft materials. Blades have 40% more life & more precision than conventional metal bond (sintered) lapidary blades.   more >>>


THIN KERF Diamond Lapidary Blades - U-303 Professional 

4" to 36" Diameter

U-303 Professional Diamond Blade is premium quality sintered (metal bond) blade with a very high diamond concentration. Available from 4" to 36" OD. U-303 Professional will provide smooth surface finish and is designed for cutting all types of lapidary materials (precious & semi precious stones) when waste must be held to a minimum and speed of cut is essential. Diamond Height (depth): 5mm  more >>>



Porcelain Diamond Blades

Aggressive, fast, and smooth cutting of a large variety of Ultra Hard Materials.      more...

Diamond Band Saw Blades

Diamond Band Saw Blades (196kb)

Diamond Band Saw Blades have proven the be an effective diamond machining tools on a large variety of materials and applications. more...

THICK KERF Diamond Lapidary Blades

General Purpose Blades (768kb)

4" to 16" Diameter

Application: Aggressive, fast, and rough cutting & slabbing of a large variety of lapidary materials. Providing high performance and low cost per cut. Where loss of material is not an important factor. Available from 4" to 16" diameter.         more >>>

Ultra Thin & Precision Diamond Blades

  High Precision Diamond Blades (840kb)

Precision Diamond Blades Sintered (metal bond) from 0.5" to 18" Diameter, Starting .001" Thick. Any size, thickness, and specification are custom made to better fit your specific application / material. Provides smoother surface finish.       more...

Electroplated Thin Kerf Diamond Blades

Electroplated Thin Kerf Blades (677kb)

Provides minimum loss of material. Can take more abuse than metal bond blades. Its unique core is made from steel with memory. No matter how much you bent the blade, it will return to its original shape. Electroplated diamond blades are frequently used for dry cutting (when coolant cannot be used). Electroplated blades a particularly well suited for cutting thermosetting plastics, GRP, pre-sintered and pre-fired (green) materials, electro carbons, graphite, soft ferrites, farinaceous products, deep frozen fish, pones, pc boards, and etc.  more...

Monster I Blades 

Designed for smooth cutting of a wide variety of very abrasive materials that wear most blades quickly.   more...

First company to develop SMART CUT™ technology, advanced technology that redefines the standard in cutting and drilling. Diamonds are oriented inside matrix, so that every diamond is better able to participate in drilling action. SMART CUT open bond bond design makes sure every diamond is in the right place and at the right time, working where you need it most. You get maximum use of diamond and bond. Find out more..






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