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High Precision & Ultra Thin Diamond Blade Product Guide

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UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools is a Leading Manufacturer of High Precision & Ultra Thin Diamond Blades for machining just about any type of advanced materials. Our products are used for High Production, Research & Development, and Other applications. Customers include some of the leading Fortune 500 companies, Military, & Space Organizations, R & D Organizations, Small Machine shops. Precision Diamond Blades are available from inventory in many different specifications, diamond concentrations, mesh sizes, bond hardness, & inside diameters. We will work with you to determine your needs, and recommend the right parameters for your specific material/application. You can count on us to improve you cutting operation to its ultimate efficiency. Whatever you goal or objective, UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools has the solution to help you get there faster.   

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Diamond Wafering Blades

Used On: Wafering Saws, Sectioning Saws, Abrasive Cut off Saws, Surface Grinders, and other equipment. 

Application: cross sectioning, and failure analysis process of metallographic specimens.     more...

Metal Bond Diamond Slicing Blades

Used On: Surface Grinders, Precision Cut off Saws, and Other Equipment. 

Application: slicing, and sawing of advanced materials. Available from 4" to 16" with any arbor size.             more...

High Precision, Ultra Thin Diamond Blades

Used On: Surface Grinders, Precision Cut off Saws, Wafering Saws and Other Equipment.

Application: Precision Diamond Blades custom made to better fit your specific application / material. Provides smoother surface finish    more...

HYBRID Diamond Bond Blades

Used On: Trim Saws, Tile Saws, Gang Saws, and other equipment.

Application: Designed to give you a smooth finish you need in a resin bond and long life you expect from a metal bond.          more...


Diamond Dicing Blades

1A1,  1A8,  1A8S,  1E8,  1A1R

Used On: Dicing Saws, Surface Grinders, and Other Equipment with applicable speed.

Available from 2" to 6" in diameter, starting from .002" in thickness in Sintered (Metal Bond) and HYBRID Bond. Used for dicing (separating) smaller advanced materials.   more...


Electroplated Thin Kerf Diamond Blades

Used On: Surface Grinders, Precision Cut off Saws, Gang Saws and Other Equipment. 

Application: Provide minimum loss of material. Can take more abuse than metal bond blades. Its unique core is made from steel with memory. No matter how much you bent the blade, it will return to its original shape.     more...

Diamond Tool Accessories

It is your responsibility to use proper accessories such as Dressing Sticks, Flanges, & Coolants with your diamond tools. Doing so will extend your tools life, improve tool performance, & surface finish of your material. As well as insure successful overall performance.      more...


Ultra Thin Blades, Universal Application

First Universal Diamond Blades provide Smooth Surface finish and minimum loss of material. Thinner blades allow less loss of material. Designed for cutting ultra hard or expensive materials more...

Slabing Diamond Blades

Available from 18" to 72" from .094" to   . Used for slabbing large pieces of materials.       more...

General Purpose Continuous Rim Blades

Aggressive, fast, and rough cutting of a large variety of materials. Providing high performance and low cost per cut.       more...

Porcelain Diamond Blades

Aggressive, fast, and smooth cutting of a large variety of materials.  more...

Diamond Band Saw Blades

Proven the be an effective diamond machining tools on a large variety of materials and applications.  more...

Concave Diamond Blades

Designed for heavy duty and maximum production curved cut (sink hole) jobs on a large variety of material.   more...


Precision Tile Blades

Highest overall performance blades available today, blades will work on materials other blades do not.  more...

Monster I Blades

Designed for smooth cutting of a wide variety of very abrasive materials that wear most blades quickly.    more...

Turbo Type Blades

These blades will cut faster and harder materials where other blades fail, leaving behind a smoother surface finish. more...


Tuck Point Blades

Used for removing mortal from all types of stone, concrete, brick, and block material.  more...


Silent Cut Diamond Blades

Silent cut (sandwich core) blades are designed for fast and precision cutting of all types of granite.  more...


Segmented Diamond Blades


Diamond Cutting / Grinding Disc

Designed for non standard cutting and grinding of all types of stone material. Perfect for hard to machine surfaces and unconventional jobs.      more...

Diamond Segments

Diamond Segments available for just about any tool, material, and application. Provide faster machining speeds, longer life, and smoother surface finish.         more...

Electrolytic Cut Diamond Blades

Electrolytic Cut Diamond Blades are designed for fast and precision cutting of all high speed steels and aerospace materials.      more...



Can't find what you are looking for? Let us know. UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools has the capability to manufacture virtually any type of diamond blades for any requirements. No matter if you have a zero tolerance requirement for cutting precision optics, or standard sawing of granite. We can help you get the most value for your money. Find out more...

Precision Diamond Sawing Equipment

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools offers complete range of machines, equipment and accessories for cutting (sawing) advanced materials. From high capacity cutting of very large work pieces to precision cutting of even the most delicate specimens. Offering the largest selection & most competitive pricing on Sectioning Saws, Slicing Saws, Rough Cutting Saws, Slab Saws, Band Saws, Gang Saws, and other sawing equipment.     more...

First company to develop SMART CUT™ technology, advanced technology that redefines the standard in cutting and drilling. 

Diamonds are oriented inside matrix, so that every diamond is better able to participate in cutting action. SMART CUT open bond bond design makes sure every diamond is in the right place and at the right time, working where you need it most. You get maximum use of diamond and bond. Find out more..

HYBRID BOND Diamond Blades

Between METAL BOND and RESIN BOND. Designed to replace the conventional resin 

bond diamond Blades. You will find all the advantages of cutting speed and fine finish that you have come to expect in a resin bond, and long life, consistency, aggressiveness, durability, and excellent performance on you look for in a metal bond. Find out more..

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