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The Diamond Blade by itself is perhaps the most important factor in your cutting operation.

Why waste Valuable Time, Money, & Material? 

Don't struggle with inferior blades -  DEMAND THE BEST !!!

  • Cuts Faster   

  • Lasts Longer

  • More Aggressive  

  • Consistent Performance 

  • More Precision / Accuracy   

  • Minimal Dressing   

  • More Universal

  • Heat Resistant  

  • Easier to Use



Cut Ultra Hard & New Generation Materials fast & easy. Where conventional tile blade do not perform


Diamond Blades (768kb)


SMART CUT™ Heavy Duty Series blades provide unmatched performance on a very wide variety of ultra hard to soft materials. Designed for Industry, R & D & other users who understand and appreciate quality. They are used and preferred world wide by some of the leading Fortune 500 companies, Military Contractors, Space & Science Organizations, & many other professional users. Known for their aggressive, fast, and rough cutting capability. These blades are designed for applications where conventional (your normal "tile or stone blades") do not work. These blades perform where conventional blades fail (leave behind). There is simply no equal. You will not find these blades in a hardware store or any other outlet available to the public. Manufactured utilizing SMART CUT™ technology, these blades provide consistent results you can count on everyday. All blades are manufactured and available from stock to fit your specific material, application, and surface finish requirements. We will work with you to determine your needs, and recommend the right parameters for your specific material/application. FREE Advice / Consultation >>>

+ Granite             + Material Science
+ Composites      + Glass
+ Stone               +
Ultra Hard Materials
+ Advanced Ceramics 
+ other materials

we are happy to accept

Saws Used On:     
+ Trim Saws
+ SMART CUT™ Diamond Saws
+ Cutting Saws
+ Precision Cutoff Saws 

How to Order - Terms/ConditionsBasket Contents  -  Check Out

Item No. Diameter Rim Width Rim Depth Arbor Size Max RPM Price Internet Price PURCHASE
23-2000W 3-3/8" (85mm) .050" .20" 20mm-15mm B 15,000 $62.81 $44.85 BUY ONE NOW
23-2003W 4" (102mm) .050" .20" 20mm-5/8" B 13,700 $66.70 $47.98 BUY ONE NOW
23-2005W 6" (85mm) .060" .314" (10mm 5/8" 10,200 $72.54 $53.75 BUY ONE NOW
23-2006W 7" (178mm) .060" .276" 5/8"  8,730 $83.93 $62.89 BUY ONE NOW
23-2009W 8" (203mm) .060" .314" (10mm 5/8" 7,640 $98.42 $74.83 BUY ONE NOW
23-2011W 10" (250mm) .060" .314" (10mm) 5/8" 6,115 $120.34 $89.81 BUY ONE NOW
23-2014W 12" (300mm) .087" .314" (10mm) 60mm-1" B 5,095 $244.78 $208.99 BUY ONE NOW
23-2016W 14" (350mm) .095" .314" (10mm) 60mm-1" B 4,365 $264.37 $246.89 BUY ONE NOW
23-2018W 16" (400mm) .095" .314" (10mm) 60mm-1" B 2,268 $285.91 $265.41 BUY ONE NOW

Quantity Discounts are available. We can alter Inside Diameter (ID) / arbor hole to any size you need. We can work with you to determine your needs, and recommend the right parameters for your specific material / application. 

This blade is designed to outperform any Super Premium or Supremet blade on the market. Unlike many companies who offer different grades or qualities of blades, such as (Economy, Standard, Premium, Supereme, and etc. We believe in producing produce only the best. Discover why the leading Fortune 500 companies, Military Contractors, Space & Science Organizations (such as NASA), & many other professional users turn to UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools for help.

The Diamond Blade by itself is perhaps the most important factor in your cutting operation.

Why waste Valuable Time, Money, & Material? 

Don't struggle with inferior blades -  DEMAND THE BEST !!! 

Used and trusted by thousands of Gemstone Manufacturers, Lapidaries, NASA, and Military worldwide  (NOW AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE !)

In 1998 UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools,  Division of LEL Diamond Tools International, Inc.  introduced  a  new  breakthrough: SMART CUT  technology  in  manufacturing  ULTRA THIN & HIGH PRECISION diamond blades. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY that REDEFINES THE STANDARD IN CUTTING & DRILLING. This  technology  allows  us  to  properly  position  and  orient  the  diamond  inside  the  metal  matrix. Making  sure  every  diamond  is  in  the  right  place  and  at  the  right  time,  working  where  you  need  it  most. (Please,  see  diagram left. Click on diagram for more information)

he diamonds impregnated inside the bond matrix of the diamond blade, are what actually participate in cutting action. No matter how precision or well made your saw. You will not be able to obtain the material surface finish, and precision tolerances you need, if the blade you are using is not right for your application. UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools proprietary blade chemistry, precision manufacturing methods, modern quality control methods, allow us to control and regulate the dozens of variables that affect blade life, quality of cut, surface finish. Reducing and often eliminating additional steps often required after cutting. All blades are manufactured and available from inventory to fit your specific material, application, and surface finish requirements. We will work with you to determine your needs, and develop the right bond formulation, concentration, and grit sizes. SMART CUT ™ Diamond Blades are designed and specially selected to provide maximum possible blade life, for your desired cut quality and speed.

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools is one of the Leading Precision Diamond Blade Manufacturers, with one of the Largest Inventory of Precision Diamond Blades in the U.S. Over 4,000 Precision & Ultra Thin diamond blades in stock, available in different sizes, thickness, arbor sizes, diamond concentrations, diamond mesh sizes, and bond hardness's.


 maximum cutting performance – each  diamond  works  like  a  small  work  horse. Diamonds  come  in  contact  with  the  material  in  the  right  place  and  at  the  right  time,  working  where  you  need  them  most. You  get  the  maximum  use  out  of  diamond  and  bond. Some unique benefits & advantages of SMART CUT™ technology:

 no glazing – requires minimal dressing, the bond renews itself

 faster cutting action - Diamond blades manufactured utilizing this technology are much more aggressive than your conventional blades. They cut faster, still leaving behind a smooth finish.

 more universal & longer lasting - These diamond blades are designed to work on virtually any material you can find. You can cut very hard materials, than switch to cutting very soft materials and the blade will maintain the same consistent performance. 7mm diamond depth allows the blade to last 80% to 40% longer on the hardest materials

 superior coolant system - these blades are designed to cut with or without oil. We feel it is more preferable to the user to use water as a coolant. Oil does not a proper coolant for this procedure, as most other manufacturers would suggest. Water is a true organic coolant, witch does not leave the material being cut oily or greasy.

REAL TIME & MATERIAL SAVERS - minimizes and almost eliminates work required after cutting, such as grinding & polishing. The blade performs several operations, grinding & polishing material as it cuts. The time you will save & quality of cut is worth the price of these blades alone.



Sintered (Metal bonded) diamond blades are "impregnated" with diamonds. Diamonds sintered and multiple (hundreds) layers of diamonds impregnated inside the metal matrix. Electroplated and other types of diamond blades for lapidary application have only one layer of diamond that stays on the surface. Diamonds in a sintered (metal bond) diamond blade are furnaces sintered in a matrix made of iron, cobalt, nickel, bronze, copper, tungsten,  alloys of these powders or other metals in various combinations. The compacted materials are then hot pressed or sintered to full density. Heating rate, applied pressure, sintering temperature and holding time, are all controlled according to the matrix composition. This means that selected diamonds are mixed and sintered with specific metal alloys to achieve the best cutting performance possible on any materials such as sapphire, agate, emerald, ruby, opal, petrified wood, glass, and etc. The metal bond surrounding the diamonds must wear away to continuously keep re-exposing the diamonds for the diamond tool to continue cutting.

Sintered (metal bonded) diamond tools are recommended for cutting hard materials from 45 to 75 on Rockwell Scale (5 to 9.5 on mohs scale of hardness). It is more wear resistant and holds diamond well in place, usually producing the highest yield/cutting & best price per cut ratio. Metal Bond (sintered) diamond blades longer than other diamond bond blades such as electroplated (nickel bond), notched, or colled rolled blades. They wear evenly, and are known for their long life & consistency. Sintered (metal bonded) diamond blades are the latest technology available in Diamond Blades. And represent the BEST VALUE & PERFORMANCE PER CUT.


DM: Diamond Knock out Arbor  -  B: Bush Ring  -  RPM: Maximum Safe Speed

Maximum Blade Cutting Depths and Operating Speeds


Blade Diameter           Cutting Depth             Recommended RPM                Maximum Safe RPM

       6"                               1-3/4"                                6,048                                      10,185

       7"                               2-1/4"                                5,184                                       8,730

       8"                               2-3/4"                                4,536                                       7,640

       9"                               3-1/4"                                4,032                                       6,790

       10"                             3-3/4"                                 3,629                                      6,115 

Note: Diamond Blade cutting depths vary with Blade diameter, saw type, blade flanges.

* Based on 9.500 SFPM (Surface Feet Per Minute)

  • For stone and tile, the optimum performance speed is 10-25% less than the speed shown above in the table

  • For most tools, blade shaft speed will be higher than the recommended operating speed shown (aove) in the table (RPM's at no load)

  • The actual blade shaft speed or the tool will slow down under load and usually should fall within the optimum speed range

** The maximum safe speed RPM (in revolutions per minute) each blade can be used

  • Make sure before using any blade: shaft (arbor) of the blade or the tool is within the "maximum safe" speed limit

Water Cooled

  • Keeping your diamond blade cool, will extend life and improve performance, reduce dusty, remove cutting

  • Wet cutting diamond blades must be used with a continuous water flow to prevent heat build up, damage and hazard during cutting

  • Check saw or tool before using a wet cutting diamond blade

  • Make sure it is safe to use the saw or tool with water.

What you should know before you buy your next diamond blade?




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